Friday, March 7, 2014

Natural Headlice Treatment from ClearLice

"In the United States, infestation with head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) is most common among preschool- and elementary school-age children and their household members and caretakers."

Says the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions at While head lice is completely treatable, it certainly alarms busy parents, especially those with multiple children and more than enough to take care of already. 

While you can't stop lice from spreading, you can treat it easily nowadays. However, you probably want the fastest, gentlest solution. Most drugstore brands contain many chemicals and pesticides -- ingredients that ultimately harm your children. Worst of all, they either don't work, or don't work fast enough. ClearLice, a new brand of natural lice treatment, claims to cure lice in ONE DAY. Plus, it contains natural ingredients, and due to the nature of the ingredients, lice will never grow immune.

Because most of my readers at Mom Fitness Journal are moms who care...

I'm spreading the word about ClearLice. It's natural; it works; and it's worth exploring.

I know you're here to learn of fitness and nutrition tips. But the reason why you're getting fit are those you care about. And their health and well being, after all, is the most important.

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Please check out ClearLice at

Friday, August 16, 2013

How to beat weight loss boredom? Join the challenge!

Losing postpartum weight is extremely challenging. It took me over nine months to shed weight after our first baby. For our second one, it's even harder.

Normally I promote losing weight the traditional way -- exercising and eating clean. But when it gets frustrating, I do look for alternative solutions. One of them is doing a weight loss challenge.

The reason why I feel that a weight loss challenge works is because after so many days of the same exercise and diet, your body becomes acquainted with the routine, and stops losing weight. A weight loss challenge, with a different diet and exercise, shocks your system and gives better results. Plus, it's always good to change things up a bit.

A weight loss challenge I heard about is the Body by Vi UK 90 Day Challenge – Weight Loss Shakes & Dietary Supplements. It offers both supplements and exercises, as well as opportunities for peer support. In the last 4 years over 2 million people took the challenge, and transformed their lives. It's certainly worth looking into.

If you're bored with your current routine, and need a challenge, join and lose weight with America's No.1 Weight-Loss and Health Management platform today.

Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Ease Postpartum Joint Pain

Postpartum joint pain is something most new moms experience, yet there are little information on how to treat it. I tried to research, but haven't been successful. So, today's advice are all from personal experience.

First of all, why do new moms suffer postpartum joint pain? Well, while you're pregnant, your joints become loose as your body gets ready to give birth. After the baby's born, your joints will go back to normal, and it causes aches and pain.

I can't speak for others, but I've suffered postpartum joint pain for the entire nine months after giving birth, and it'll probably continue for a while. (After my first pregnancy, the pain lasted for one year.)

Again, all advice are from personal experience, but here's how I've been easing postpartum joint pain:

1. Massage

Throughout the day, I massage the parts that hurt. It's really just habitual, which you surely do as well, but it's one of those things that help, so I thought I'd put it down.

2. Stretches and Yoga

Stretching every morning and periodic yoga sessions help ease joint pain, because they are low-impact exercises that improve blood circulation -- both of which relieve pain and inflammation.

3. Lose Weight

Every new mom carries a few extra pounds. The extra weight is absolutely normal, but it does put pressure on your joints, and adds to the pain. Losing weight, therefore, helps.

To learn more about weight loss and joint pain, or how to prevent joint inflammation, please go and

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I know I'm not helping much, but maybe I'm giving ideas you can try. Have a good day!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Motivational Reads

Sometimes we all need a bit of motivation to get fit. Here are three articles that I found both motivational and resourceful:

1. When The Scale Won't Move

In this article, you'll find out-of-the box reasons why you aren't losing as much weight as you could.

Hint: they're trickier than you thought.

Find it at When The Scale Won't Move.

2. Aging Foods That You Should Avoid

Who knew that wheat-based products can cause premature aging - and weight gain?

For other surprisingly bad food, go here.

3. Your Diet Is The Key To Longevity

Fine. You already know this. But are you truly eating the best foods?

For a diet that's built on principles, visit Your Diet Is The Key To Longevity.

Thanks again for reading!

Any motivational reads you'd like to share?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tricks to Portion Control

New moms often hit a plateau after an initial weight loss, leaving them with 10 extra pounds of postpartum weight. And even with daily exercise and proper nutrition, those 10 extra pounds last forever. Why?
Lack of portion control!

In today's over-indulgent culture, people think it's absolutely normal to eat a huge plate of food at once. In reality, they just consumed three times the amount they were supposed to. Had they eaten the right portions, they'd be much fitter and slimmer.

So how do you eat proper portions when everyone around you eats a lot more food? Here are tricks I practice:

1. Use smaller plates.

When plates are smaller, food looks bigger. It's a psychological trick.

2. Get tools.

There are a set of tools that help control portions called Portion Mate. They are color-coded rings that measure the amount of food you should eat in one meal.

You can find them online at, or visit and

3. Apply the 80% rule.

Listen to your stomach. When it's 80% full, then you should stop eating.

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Do you have your own tricks and tips for portion control?